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Phylogeny, identification and nomenclature of the genus Aspergillus
New combinations for accepted species presently lacking an Aspergillus name are introduced and an updated accepted species list for the genus is provided, now containing 339 species. Expand
Aspergillus, Penicillium and Talaromyces isolated from house dust samples collected around the world
The aim of this study was to identify isolates to species level and describe the new species found, and to create a reliable reference sequence database to be used for next-generation sequencing projects. Expand
Fungal Planet description sheets: 128–153
Novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from Australia: Catenulostroma corymbiae from Corymbia, Devriesia stirlingiae from Stirlingia, Penidiella carpentariaeExpand
Production of antifungal and antiinsectan metabolites by the Picea endophyte Diaporthe maritima sp. nov.
Morphological observations and the application of the genealogical concordance phylogenetic species recognition concept using four unlinked loci support the distinctiveness of this new species, described here as Diaporthe maritima. Expand
Placement of Triblidiaceae in Rhytismatales and comments on unique ascospore morphologies in Leotiomycetes (Fungi, Ascomycota).
It is demonstrated with a three-gene phylogenetic approach that triblidialean fungi are related to taxa in Rhytismatales (Leotiomycetes) and emend Triblidiaceae to include Triblidium and Huangshania, with Pseudographis placed within Rhytismsataceae. Expand
Application of the Phylogenetic Species Concept to Wallemia sebi from House Dust and Indoor Air Revealed by Multi-Locus Genealogical Concordance
Multiple phylogenetic analyses were conducted and genealogical concordance was demonstrated, which supports the existence of four phylogenetic species within the Wallemia sebi species complex (WSSC). Expand
Asexual-sexual morph connection in the type species of Berkleasmium
Nuclear internal transcribed spacer r DNA (ITS) and partial nuc 28S large subunit rDNA (LSU) sequences obtained from collections and subsequent cultures showed that Berkleasmium concinnum is the asexual morph of Neoacanthostigma septoconstrictum (Tubeufiaceae, Tubeufiales). Expand
Sexual and asexual states of some endophytic Phialocephala species of Picea
Four novel species and one new combination in a clade containing Ph. dimorphospora, the type of Phialocephala, are presented, accompanied by descriptions of apothecia and previously undocumented synanamorphs, and an epitype culture and corresponding reference sequences for Phialsia-like sexual states are proposed. Expand
Xerotolerant fungi in house dust: taxonomy of Spiromastix, Pseudospiromastix and Sigleria gen. nov. in Spiromastigaceae (Onygenales, Eurotiomycetes)
Seven of the eight species lacked sexual states and only characters of asexual states and growth rates on different media could be used to characterize them, so the placement of Spiromastigaceae within Onygenales was supported. Expand
A century later: rediscovery, culturing and phylogenetic analysis of Diploöspora rosea, a rare onygenalean hyphomycete
It is speculated that the fungus occurs in archival and domestic environments subject to periodic wetting, and its ability to grow on all low water activity media used in the study, including malt extract agar amended with 60 % sucrose, confirms its xerophilic nature. Expand