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Relative changes in mRNA expression of angiopoietins and receptors tie in bovine corpus luteum during estrous cycle and prostaglandin F2alpha-induced luteolysis: a possible mechanism for the
Results suggest that decrease of ANPT-1 mRNA is a basic mechanism of vascular remodeling in CL, and that AN PT-2 might play a role in regulation of P4 secretion in CL during luteolysis. Expand
Comparison of endothelin-1 concentrations in normal and complicated pregnancies.
Endothelin-1 (ET-1) may be important in regulating vascular tone in humans. To understand the role of ET-1 during pregnancy, we measured the concentrations of plasma immunoreactive ET-1 in normal,Expand
Endothelin-renin-angiotensin-atrial natriuretic peptide system in ovaries: an intraovarian ERAANP system.
It is proposed that the intraovarian endothelin-renin-angiotensin-ANP system (ERAANPS) functions as a novel intraovary regulator system. Expand
The cooperative action of angiotensin II with subluteolytic administration of PGF2alpha in inducing luteolysis and oestrus in the cow.
Results support the contention that Ang II is directly correlated with the process of luteal regression in cows and demonstrate that an intraluteal injection of Ang II after i.m. administration of a subluteolytic dose of PGF(2alpha) analogue induces luteolysis and oestrus. Expand
A proposal of ovarian ERAANPS (endothelin-renin-angiotensin-atrial natriuretic peptide system) and effects of tokishakuyakusan, keishibukuryogan, shakuyakukanzoto and unkeito on the ERAANPS.
The ERAANPS (endothelin-renin-angiotensin-ANP system) in the ovary is proposed here as a functional regulator and results suggest that TS, KB, SK or UT may regulate the ovarianERAANPS. Expand
Effects of tokishakuyakusan, keishibukuryogan, shakuyakukanzoto and unkeito on ovarian endothelin, renin and angiotensin II in pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin-treated immature rats.
The results suggest that TS, KB, SK or UT may regulate the ovarian ERAANPS. Expand