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Cloning of a gene (RIG-G) associated with retinoic acid-induced differentiation of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells and representing a new member of a family of interferon-stimulated genes.
  • M. Yu, J. Tong, +14 authors S. Chen
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 8 July 1997
In a cell line (NB4) derived from a patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia, all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) and interferon (IFN) induce the expression of a novel gene we call RIG-G (for retinoicExpand
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Studies with GFP-Vpr fusion proteins: induction of apoptosis but ablation of cell-cycle arrest despite nuclear membrane or nuclear localization.
The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Vpr protein is known to arrest the cell cycle in G(2)/M and induce apoptosis following arrest. The functions of Vpr relative to its location in theExpand
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RIG-E, a human homolog of the murine Ly-6 family, is induced by retinoic acid during the differentiation of acute promyelocytic leukemia cell.
  • M. Mao, M. Yu, +12 authors Z. Chen
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 11 June 1996
In vivo all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA), a differentiation inducer, is capable of causing clinical remission in about 90% of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). The molecular basis forExpand
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Dynamic volumetric computed tomographic assessment of the young paediatric airway: Initial experience of rapid, non‐invasive, four‐dimensional technique
The aim of this study was to evaluate the dynamic volumetric CT in the assessment of the paediatric airway.
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Nitric oxide and prostaglandins mediate vasodilation to 5,6-EET in rabbit lung.
We have previously found that 5,6-EET (epoxyeicosatrienoic acid)(50 nM) significantly dilates the vascular bed(42%) of the isolated, constantly perfused rabbit lung, which has been constricted withExpand
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Mucinous carcinomas of the breast: Imaging features and potential for misdiagnosis
Pure mucinous breast carcinomas (PMBC) are commonly lobulated, therefore appear relatively benign compared with the imaging features of invasive ductal carcinoma. The aim of this study was toExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in Chinese.
  • M. Yu, X. Qiu, +7 authors X. Tang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Scientia Sinica. Series B, Chemical, biological…
  • 10 July 1988
Human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) restriction endonuclease fragment patterns were analyzed using placenta DNA isolated from 273 individuals representing four different nationalities, the Han, theExpand
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Multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management of osteosarcoma – a review of the St Vincent's Hospital experience
BackgroundOsteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant bone tumour in children and young adults. Despite advances in the diagnosis and management of osteosarcoma, there have been few recentExpand
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Perspectives on genetics in china.
The long civilization of China traces its origin to the development of agriculture. Early records and archaeological findings demonstrate the success of plant and animal breeding in contributing toExpand
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