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Ultrastructural Studies of Henneguya rhamdia n. sp. (Myxozoa) a Parasite from the Amazon Teleost Fish, Rhamdia quelen (Pimelodidae)
The spores differed from previously described Henneguya species, mainly in their shape and size, number and arrangement of the polar filament coils, and sporoplasmosome morphology.
Morphological and molecular studies on life cycle stages of Diphtherostomum brusinae (Digenea: Zoogonidae) from northern Portugal.
Sequenced ITS1 data clearly demonstrated that the cercariae and metacercarial cysts from N. reticulatus, the cyst from C. edule and the adult isolated from D. sargus were life cycle stages that belonged to the same species, i.e. D. brusinae.
Ultrastrutural Morphology of Myxobolus testicularis sp. n., Parasite of the Testis of Hemiodopsis microlepis (Teleostei: Hemiodontidae) from the NE of Brazil
Based on the ultrastructural morphology and specificity to the host species, it is proposed that a new species of Myxobolus testicularis sp.
Ultrastructural description of new Rickettsia-like organisms in the commercial abalone Haliotis tuberculata (Gastropoda: Haliotidae) from the NW of Spain.
It is concluded that the presence of RLOs simultaneously with a haplosporidian parasite may contribute to the mortality of the abalone host.