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Amino acid analysis by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography: improved derivatization and detection conditions with 9-fluorenylmethyl chloroformate.
Improved derivatization was obtained with the troublesome amino acids His and Tyr: exclusively monosubstituted His and disubst ituted Tyr were formed, eluting as free peaks in the chromatogram, thus permitting automated analysis of multiple samples. Expand
Increase in the advanced glycation end product pentosidine in Bruch's membrane with age.
PURPOSE To determine whether there is an age-related increase of pentosidine in human Bruch's membranes and to localize pentosidine and carboxymethyllysine (CML), two well-characterized, advancedExpand
A simplified measurement of degraded collagen in tissues: application in healthy, fibrillated and osteoarthritic cartilage.
Evidence is presented that more damage to the collagen network (i.e., more degraded collagen molecules within fibrils) is linearly related to more extensive swelling of the OA tissue in hypotonic saline. Expand
Convenient fluorometric assay for matrix metalloproteinase activity and its application in biological media
The fluorogenic assay using TNO211 is sensitive and can detect MMP activity in culture medium from endothelial cells and untreated synovial fluid from RA and OA patients, and control subjects. Expand
A predictive model for substrates of cytochrome P450-debrisoquine (2D6).
The substrate specificity of P450 2D6 most likely is determined by the distance between oxidation site and basic nitrogen atom, by steric constraints near the oxidation site, and by the degree of complementarity between the MEPs of substrate and protein in the planar region adjacent to the oxidationSite. Expand
Cytochrome P450 2B1-mediated one-electron reduction of adriamycin: a study with rat liver microsomes and purified enzymes.
The idea that CYP2B1 was involved in the one-electron reduction of ADR in PB microsomes and in reconstituted systems of purified CYP 2B1 and purified NADPH-CYP reductase (RED) under anaerobic conditions could be concluded from inhibition studies using SK&F 525-A and antibodies against CYB2B enzymes. Expand
The liver plays a central role in the mechanism of chemical carcinogenesis due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
Data provide compelling evidence that the liver is the predominant site of conversion of B[a]P into polar metabolites which are transported to target tissues and subsequently bind to DNA. Expand
Absorption and metabolism of acetaminophen by the in situ perfused rat small intestine preparation.
The in situ perfused rat small intestine preparation was used to examine the extents of segmental absorption and metabolism of acetaminophen (A) and any intestinal excretion of A and its conjugates from the circulation to the intestinal lumen and when A was present in blood perfusing the intestine, no metabolite was detected in perfusate or luminal fluid. Expand
Investigation of the association of the CRTM and CRTL1 genes with radiographically evident osteoarthritis in subjects from the Rotterdam study.
It is suggested that the CRTM locus may play a role in the sex- and joint site-specific pattern of ROA development, and a significant association between ROA and the CRTL1 gene was not observed. Expand
Effect of hepatotoxic chemicals and hypoxia on hepatic nonparenchymal cells: impairment of phagocytosis by Kupffer cells and disruption of the endothelium in rat livers perfused with colloidal carbon.
It is concluded that perfusion with hepatotoxic chemicals or hypoxia results in a rapid decrease of particle phagocytosis by Kupffer cells followed by changes in endothelial cell ultrastructure. Expand