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Neuroblastoma cells isolated from bone marrow metastases contain a naturally enriched tumor-initiating cell.
Neuroblastoma is a heterogeneous pediatric tumor thought to arise from the embryonic neural crest. Identification of the cell responsible for propagating neuroblastomas is essential to understandingExpand
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Necrotizing enterocolitis: review of state-of-the-art imaging findings with pathologic correlation.
Plain abdominal radiography is the current standard imaging modality for evaluation of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Sonography is still not routinely used for diagnosis and follow-up, as it isExpand
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Development and Testing of a Multidimensional iPhone Pain Assessment Application for Adolescents with Cancer
Background Pain is one of the most common and distressing symptoms reported by adolescents with cancer. Despite advancements in pain assessment and management research, pain due to cancer and/or itsExpand
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Risk Factors, Complications, and Outcomes of Gallstones in Children: A Single-center Review
Background and Objective: The increasing use of sonography has resulted in an increase in the proportion of children with gallstones who are asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis. In adults, theExpand
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Gastrointestinal cancers and neurofibromatosis type 1 features in children with a germline homozygous MLH1 mutation.
Heterozygous germline DNA mismatch repair gene mutations are typically associated with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. The molecular hallmark of this syndrome is high-frequencyExpand
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The incidence, management, and outcome of patients with gastrointestinal carcinoids and second primary malignancies.
BACKGROUND A higher than expected incidence of second primary malignancies in patients with gastrointestinal carcinoids has been reported. How patients with such concurrent neoplasms should beExpand
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Construct validity and reliability of a real-time multidimensional smartphone app to assess pain in children and adolescents with cancer
Abstract We evaluated the construct validity (including responsiveness), reliability, and feasibility of the Pain Squad multidimensional smartphone-based pain assessment application (app) in childrenExpand
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Correlation of sonographic findings and outcome in necrotizing enterocolitis
BackgroundThere is little in the literature regarding the use of gray-scale and Doppler sonography of the bowel in necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and how findings depicted by this modality mightExpand
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Role of lymphoscintigraphy and sentinel lymph node biopsy in the management of pediatric melanoma and sarcoma
PurposeThe purpose of this study was to describe the use of lymphoscintigraphy and sentinel lymph-node biopsy (SLNB) for the management of children with melanoma and sarcomas. We report theExpand
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Approach to diagnosis and treatment of pediatric primary tumors of the diaphragm.
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Tumors of the diaphragm in the pediatric population are extremely rare. We present 5 cases diagnosed at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and together with a review of theExpand
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