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Cardiovascular and Electrocardiographic Effects of the Dopamine Receptor Agonists Ropinirole, Apomorphine, and PNU-142774E in Conscious Beagle Dogs
It is established that in conscious dogs, the selective dopamine receptor agonist PNU-142774E has fewer cardiovascular and emetic effects than ropinirole and apomorphine and supports prior in vitro findings that ropinisrole and Apomorphine but not the PNu-14 2774E imidazoquinolin analog sumanirole reduces the delayed rectifier current in HERG transfected cells. Expand
A biodegradable transdermal penetration enhancer based on N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-pyrrolidone I. Synthesis and characterization
Abstract Penetration enhancers represent a popular method of increasing drug flux through the skin for local or systemic activity. Unfortunately, it is thought that the local irritation commonly seenExpand
Cardiovascular Sympathomimetic Amine Interactions in Rats Treated with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors and the Novel Oxazolidinone Antibiotic Linezolid
It is demonstrated that high-dose linezolid only moderately potentiates the cardiovascular effects of tyramine and validate these models for evaluating such MAO inhibitory interactions. Expand
Piperidine derivatives as diuretics