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Some effects of boiling on hydrodynamic drag
Abstract Experiments at velocities up to 20 ft/s on a hemisphere-cylinder model heated to high temperature demonstrate a large reduction in friction drag. The drag reduction is due to formation of aExpand
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Fluorometric Uranium Analyzer
A fluorometric uranium analyzer has been constructed which although simple in design, gives measurements that are virtually insensitive to line voltage variations of plus or minus 15 volts and toExpand
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Dicesium Plutonium Hexachloride, a Proposed Primary Standard for Plutonium.
S>The salt, Cs/sub 2/PuCl/sub 6/, is suggested as a primary standard for Pu. It can be easily prepared in a pure state and with a constant composition. It is stable, has a high equivalent weight, andExpand
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Determination of Small Amounts of Cobalt Using Isotope-Dilution with Cobalt-60
Trace amounts of cobalt are determined in vitamin B/sub 12/ and biological materials by an isotope-dilution technique combined with a spectrophotometric method. Interference due to copper is overcomeExpand
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