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Forty years of carabid beetle research in Europe – from taxonomy, biology, ecology and population studies to bioindication, habitat assessment and conservation
A subjective summary of some of the major developments in carabidology since the 1960s, which can be useful in population studies, bioindication, conservation biology and landscape ecology.
Emotional disturbance and mental retardation: diagnostic overshadowing.
Two experiments evaluated the effects of the condition of mental retardation on psychologists' impressions of emotional problems of a retarded subject and validated the existence of a diagnostic overshadowing phenomenon.
Increase of Mean Individual Biomass [MIB] of Carabidae [Coleoptera] in relation to succession in forest habitats
The applicability of Mean Individual Biomass of Carabidae as an indicator of stage of succession stage was tested and MIB is suggested as a useful tool in forest research and for- est management.
Diagnostic overshadowing and professional experience with mentally retarded persons.
It is concluded that diagnostic overshadowing is unrelated to a broad range of professional experience with retarded people, and professional experience was associated with diagnostic ratings but not with overshadowing.
Differences in Locomotory Activity Between Male and Female Carabus hortensis (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a Pine Forest and a Beech Forest in Relation to Feeding State
It is proposed to use the male-to-female ratio for C. hortensis, and possibly other species, as an indicator of food accessibility in forest habitat: the more males in pitfall catches in relation to females, the better the food situation in the forest.