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Conocephalum salebrosum (Marchantiopsida, Conocephalaceae) – a new Holarctic liverwort species
Detailed analysis of 270 specimens of Conocephalum conicum (L.) Dumort., mainly from the POZW Herbarium revealed some diagnostic differences between two cryptic species originally detected on theExpand
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Genetic differentiation without concordant morphological divergence in the thallose liverwortConocephalum conicum
Allozyme variation was examined at 33 enzyme loci for 96 populations from throughout the geographical range ofConocephalum conicum (L.)Dum. (Marchantiales, Hepaticae). Variation was partitioned intoExpand
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The hybrid origin of the polyploid liverwort Pellia borealis
Isozyme markers were used to investigate the origin of the polyploid liverwort, Pellia borealis (gametophytic n=18), which was believed to represent an autopolyploid form of Pellia epiphylla (n=9).Expand
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Sphagnum-Polytrichum hummocks - a bryologically neglected plant formation
The liverwort flora of Sphagnum-Polytrichum hummocks from the Polish Carpathians (mainly Tatra Mts) is characterized in respect to rare and relict species. An analysis of this flora showed that theseExpand
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The genus gayophytum (Onagraceae)
Gayophytum comprises a small homogeneous group of species endemic to western North and South America. The species have been variously delimited (e.g., Munz 1932, 1959; Jepson 1936), suggesting thatExpand
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