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Agrifood Industry Transformation and Small Farmers in Developing Countries
Summary This article introduces this special issue on the rapid transformation of the agrifood industry in developing countries and its effects on small farmers. We review the literature from theExpand
Trade, Standards, and Poverty: Evidence from Senegal
Summary In the debate on trade and poverty it is argued that standards act as trade barriers and cause marginalization of the poor. This paper quantifies income and poverty effects of high-standardsExpand
Global Retail Chains and Poor Farmers: Evidence from Madagascar
Global retail companies ("supermarkets? have an increasing influence on developing countries, through foreign investments and/or through the imposition of their private standards. The impact onExpand
The Rapid Rise of Supermarkets in Central and Eastern Europe: Implications for the Agrifood Sector and Rural Development
During the 1990s transition period in Central and Eastern Europe, the retail sector was privatised and some domestic-capital supermarket chains gradually emerged. Massive inflows of foreign directExpand
Foreign Direct Investment, Vertical Integration, and Local Suppliers: Evidence from the Polish Dairy Sector
Abstract Studies argue that foreign investment has negative implications for small local suppliers, as they cannot comply with higher standards or they are laid off to reduce transaction costs. WeExpand
Success and Failure of Reform: Insights from the Transition of Agriculture
The paper analyzes the linkages between the reform strategies in transition countries and economic performance. We focus on agriculture because of the sharpness of the policy changes, fundamentalExpand
The political economy of land reform choices in Central and Eastern Europe
In all Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) land reform has been a key part of the overall agrarian reforms and land reform procedures differ significantly among CEECs. This paper, byExpand
Land Market Imperfections and Agricultural Policy Impacts in the New EU Member States: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis
This article analyses how transaction costs and imperfect competition in the land market affect the welfare effects of agricultural subsidies in the new Eastern Member States of the European Union.Expand
Political Economy of Public Policies: Insights from Distortions to Agricultural and Food Markets
The agricultural and food sector is an ideal case for investigating the political economy of public policies. Many of the policy developments in this sector since the 1950s have been sudden andExpand