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Polyphasic taxonomy, a consensus approach to bacterial systematics.
In this review, the practice of polyphasic taxonomy is discussed for four groups of bacteria chosen for their relevance, complexity, or both: the genera Xanthomonas and Campylobacter, the lactic acid bacteria, and the family Comamonadaceae.
Reclassification of Xanthomonas
A comprehensive DNA-DNA hybridization study was performed by using 183 strains of the genus Xanthomonas. This genus was shown to comprise 20 DNA homology groups which are considered genomic species.
Phylogenetic position of phytopathogens within the Enterobacteriaceae.
Evaluation of New Broth Media for Microdilution Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing of Lactobacilli, Pediococci, Lactococci, and Bifidobacteria
A mixed formulation of Iso-Sensitest broth and deMan-Rogosa-Sharpe broth with or without supplementation with l-cysteine provided the most optimal medium basis in terms of growth support of nonenterococcal LAB and correct indication of MICs of international control strains.
Applicability of rep-PCR fingerprinting for identification of Lactobacillus species.
(GTG)(5)-PCR was found to be a promising genotypic tool for rapid and reliable speciation and typing of lactobacilli and other lactic acid bacteria important in food-fermentation industries.
Phylogeny and Molecular Identification of Vibrios on the Basis of Multilocus Sequence Analysis
Overall, the three genetic loci were more discriminatory among species than were 16S rRNA sequences, and it can conclude that strains of the same species will have at least 98, 94, and 94% rpoA, recA, and pyrH gene sequence similarity, respectively.
Re-evaluating prokaryotic species
The current and future impact of multilocus nucleotide-sequence-based approaches to prokaryotic systematics are discussed and the potential, and difficulties, of assigning species status to biologically or ecologically meaningful sequence clusters are considered.
Resazurin Microtiter Assay Plate: Simple and Inexpensive Method for Detection of Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
This method for detecting multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis by using a reduction of resazurin is simple, inexpensive, and rapid and might be used with other antituberculosis drugs.
A survey of bacteria and fungi occurring during composting and self-heating processes
In this comprehensive survey of literature an inventory of the mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi isolated during several phases of composting (including also self-heating organic materials) is presented.
Microbiological aspects of biowaste during composting in a monitored compost bin
Aims: To determine the microbial succession of the dominating taxa and functional groups of microorganisms and the total microbial activity during the composting of biowaste in a monitored process.