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Plutonium-238 Recovery from Irradiated Neptunium Targets Using Solvent Extraction
The United States Department of Energy proposes to re-establish a domestic capability for producing plutonium-238 (238Pu) to fuel radioisotope power systems primarily in support of future spaceExpand
Review of deuterium-tritium results from the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor
After many years of fusion research, the conditions needed for a D–T fusion reactor have been approached on the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) [Fusion Technol. 21, 1324 (1992)]. For the firstExpand
Modeling and Design of a Linear Electric-Hydraulic Conversion Machine for Electrification of Off-Highway Vehicles
This paper investigates a new approach to off-highway vehicle electrification based around a linear piston pump integrated into a linear actuator. Expand
Linear Electric Machine Design for an Off-Highway Vehicle Hydraulic Charge Pump
This paper proposes the electrification of a hydraulic charge pump by using a linear oscillatory machine integrated with a piston pump. Expand
Structural analysis for the conceptual design of the BPX vacuum vessel
The authors provide a summary of the vacuum vessel structural analyses performed in support of the BPX (Burning Plasma Experiment) Conceptual Design Review held in March 1991. They presentExpand
Testing program for Burning Plasma Experiment vacuum vessel bolted joint
As presently designed, the Burning Plasma Experiment vacuum vessel will be segmentally fabricated and assembled by bolted joints in the field. Due to geometry constraints, most of the bolted jointsExpand
Design, demonstration and evaluation of a thermal enhanced vapor extraction system
The Thermal Enhanced Vapor Extraction System (TEVES), which combines powerline frequency heating (PLF) and radio frequency (RF) heating with vacuum soil vapor extraction, was used to effectivelyExpand