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Blatant benevolence and conspicuous consumption: when romantic motives elicit strategic costly signals.
Conspicuous displays of consumption and benevolence might serve as "costly signals" of desirable mate qualities. If so, they should vary strategically with manipulations of mating-related motives.Expand
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Peacocks, Porsches, and Thorstein Veblen: conspicuous consumption as a sexual signaling system.
Conspicuous consumption is a form of economic behavior in which self-presentational concerns override desires to obtain goods at bargain prices. Showy spending may be a social signal directed atExpand
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Fear and Loving in Las Vegas: Evolution, Emotion, and Persuasion
How do arousal-inducing contexts, such as frightening or romantic television programs, influence the effectiveness of basic persuasion heuristics? Three theoretical models make different predictions:Expand
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Reconceptualizing materialism as identity goal pursuits: Functions, processes, and consequences
This article proposes an expanded conceptualization of materialism that grounds materialism in research on the self. The article stresses the functions of materialistic goal pursuit, the processes byExpand
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Schadenfreude as a consumption-related emotion: Feeling happiness about the downfall of another's product
Abstract Emotional antecedents of schadenfreude —joy experienced when observing another's downfall—were investigated in a status consumption context. Across 3 studies, status product failure producedExpand
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Deep Rationality: The Evolutionary Economics of Decision Making.
What is a "rational" decision? Economists traditionally viewed rationality as maximizing expected satisfaction. This view has been useful in modeling basic microeconomic concepts, but falls short inExpand
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Race as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Religiosity and Political Alignment
Religiosity, especially religious fundamentalism, is often assumed to have an inherent connection with conservative politics. This article proposes that the relationship varies by race in the UnitedExpand
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The world's (truly) oldest profession: Social influence in evolutionary perspective
Consumer psychologists have devoted a great deal of research to understanding human social influence processes. Research on social influence could be enriched by incorporating several evolutionaryExpand
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Don't mind the gap: a conceptual and psychometric analysis of the individual evaluation of discrepancies in the context of is user service satisfaction
This paper presents a psychometric analysis of the various measures available to capture perceived discrepancies or gaps. Expand
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Economic Reality versus Consumer Perceptions of Monopoly
When a Senate committee considered regulating access to a popular National Football League (NFL) broadcast in 2007, the context was familiar to marketers: accusations of abusing monopoly power. TheExpand
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