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Dispersion of Waves Over a PEC Cylinder Coated With Two-Layer Lossy Dielectric Materials
  • J. Sun, L. Li
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • 12 March 2007
Dispersion of waves guided along a perfectly electric conducting cylinder coated with two-layer lossy dielectric materials is studied in this paper. With a slight dielectric loss considered in bothExpand
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Soft handoff prioritizing algorithm for downlink call admission control of next-generation cellular CDMA networks
We propose an adaptive prioritizing soft handoff algorithm for concurrent handoff requests aiming at a same cell. A predicted set, an adaptive priority profile jointly exploiting the impact ofExpand
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A novel packet scheduling scheme based on adaptive power/delay for efficient resource allocation in downlink CDMA systems
A novel voice packet scheduling scheme named modified adaptive priority queuing (MAPQ) is proposed for CDMA downlinks. Closed-loop power control is employed to closely track fast fading, and providesExpand
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Power flow control on 345 kV lines with the 200 MVA convertible static compensator
A 200 MVA, 345 kV system control FACTS device, consisting of two 100 MVA converters, two 100 MVA high voltage series transformers inserted in 345 kV transmission lines and a 200 MVA shuntExpand
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Near-Field Scanning Optical Tomography: A Nondestructive Method for Three-Dimensional Nanoscale Imaging
We present the theoretical foundation for near-field scanning optical tomography, a method for three-dimensional optical imaging with subwavelength resolution. An analysis of the forward problem forExpand
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Radiation pattern of helical microstrip antenna mounted on a dielectric coated circular cylinder
A Green's function approach is presented to calculate the radiation pattern of a center-fed helical microstrip antenna mounted on a circular cylinder with a superstrate. An analytic expression ofExpand
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Application of Kummer's transformation in fast computation of mixed potential green's function for cylindrically stratified structure
Computation of spatial domain Green's function for cylindrically stratified structure is usually a very challenging and time consuming task, because not only a Sommerfeld integral on k/sub z/ complexExpand
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Application of mixed potential integral equation for cylindrically stratified structure
In this paper, a mixed potential integral equation (MPIE) for cylindrical stratified structure is used to analyze the resonant length of an axial oriented microstrip line mounted on a multilayeredExpand
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A unified framework for adaptively scheduling hybrid voice/data traffic in 3G cellular CDMA downlinks
A unified framework for scheduling hybrid voice and data traffic is proposed for CDMA downlinks. We address the consistency of the framework as well as the distinctions of voice and data schedulingExpand
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Multiple Probe Interactions in Near-field Imaging
We consider effects of a strongly scattering tip in near-field scanning optical microscopy. It is shown that multiple tip-substrate interactions have a dramatic effect on the spectroscopic responseExpand