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Rotation-invariant target recognition in LADAR range imagery using model matching approach.
Shape index is introduced to explore the target recognition problem from laser radar (Ladar) range imagery. Expand
Experimental research on multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar
Abstract Multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar is a promising flash imaging instrument, for its high frame rate, accuracy range resolution and large field-of-view. In this paper, the lidar systemExpand
A multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar and its detection ability analysis by flash lidar equation
Abstract Lidar detectable range, usually affected by detection unit sensitivity, operating mode and visibility, is a critical factor in system design and application. Classical lidar equation isExpand
Optimization of Ethanol Fermentation from Sweet Sorghum Juice Using Response Surface Methodology
Abstract Based on the single factor experiment, Box-Behnken central composite design of response surface methodology was applied to optimize conditions of the ethanol fermentation of sweet sorghumExpand
Enamel etching for bonding fixed orthodontic braces.
BACKGROUND Acid etching of tooth surfaces to promote the bonding of orthodontic attachments to the enamel has been a routine procedure in orthodontic treatment since the 1960s. Various types ofExpand
Mutual alignment errors due to wave-front aberrations in intersatellite laser communications.
We analyze mutual alignment errors due to wave-front aberrations. To solve the central obscured problem, we introduce modified Zernike polynomials, which are a set of complete orthogonal polynomials.Expand
Photocatalytic C-C Bond Cleavage and Amination of Cycloalkanols by Cerium(III) Chloride Complex.
A general strategy for the cleavage and amination of C-C bonds of cycloalkanols has been achieved through visible-light-induced photoredox catalysis utilizing a cerium(III) chloride complex. ThisExpand
Laser coarse-fine coupling scanning method by steering double prisms.
Recent developments in optical communication systems have presented an emerging need for scanning and tracking dynamic targets with high accuracy. Unfortunately, conventional scanners have difficultyExpand
Three-dimensional superresolution by three-zone complex pupil filters.
We present a new set of three-zone complex pupil filters that have the ability to realize three-dimensional superresolution in an imaging system. Expand
Research on a scanner for tilting orthogonal double prisms.
The original scanner for tilting orthogonal double prisms is studied to test the tracking performance in intersatellite laser communications. With a reduction ratio of more than 100 times from theExpand