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A Novel Approach for Spectroscopic Chemical Identification Using Photonic Crystal Fiber in the Terahertz Regime
A novel highly sensitive porous core-photonic crystal fiber (PC-PCF) has been designed and analyzed for detection of chemical analytes in the terahertz frequency range. The PC-PCF is designed usingExpand
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Terahertz Sensing in a Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber
A terahertz sensor based on a hollow core photonic crystal fiber has been proposed in this paper for chemical analyte detection in the terahertz frequency range. The Zeonex-based asymmetrical hollowExpand
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Zeonex-based asymmetrical terahertz photonic crystal fiber for multichannel communication and polarization maintaining applications.
We report on the design, in-depth analysis, and characterization of a novel elliptical array shaped core rectangular shaped cladded photonic crystal fiber (PCF) for multichannel communication andExpand
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Terahertz detection of alcohol using a photonic crystal fiber sensor.
Ethanol is widely used in chemical industrial processes as well as in the food and beverage industry. Therefore, methods of detecting alcohol must be accurate, precise, and reliable. In this content,Expand
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A Hi-Bi Ultra-Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Fiber Sensor
In this paper, a simple, miniature, and highly sensitive photonic crystal fiber (PCF)-based surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor is proposed that ensures high detection accuracy of small refractive index (RI) changes. Expand
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Dual-polarized highly sensitive plasmonic sensor in the visible to near-IR spectrum.
We propose and numerically characterize the optical characteristics of a novel photonic crystal fiber (PCF) based surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor in the visible to near infrared (500-2000 nm)Expand
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Porous core photonic crystal fibre for ultra-low material loss in THz regime
An extremely low-loss porous core circular photonic crystal fibre is presented for terahertz (THz) wave guidance. Expand
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Extremely low material loss and dispersion flattened TOPAS based circular porous fiber for long distance terahertz wave transmission
We present a porous-core circular photonic crystal fiber (PC-CPCF) with ultra-low material loss for efficient terahertz wave transmission. Expand
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Ultra low-loss hybrid core porous fiber for broadband applications.
In this paper, we present the design and analysis of a novel hybrid porous core octagonal lattice photonic crystal fiber for terahertz (THz) wave guidance. The numerical analysis is performed using aExpand
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High numerical aperture, highly birefringent novel photonic crystal fibre for medical imaging applications
A novel Zeonex based porous fibre is proposed for biomedical imaging and polarisation preserving applications of terahertz waves. The standard finite element method is used to simulate theExpand
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