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An integrated model for materials in a fusion power plant: transmutation, gas production, and helium embrittlement under neutron irradiation
The high-energy, high-intensity neutron fluxes produced by the fusion plasma will have a significant life-limiting impact on reactor components in both experimental and commercial fusion devices. AsExpand
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Neutron-induced transmutation effects in W and W-alloys in a fusion environment
W and W-alloys are among the primary candidate materials for plasma-facing components in the design of fusion reactors, particularly in high-heat-flux regions such as the divertor. Under neutronExpand
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FISPACT-II: An Advanced Simulation System for Activation, Transmutation and Material Modelling
Abstract Fispact-II is a code system and library database for modelling activation-transmutation processes, depletion-burn-up, time dependent inventory and radiation damage source terms caused byExpand
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The European Activation File: EAF-2005 cross section library
In the European fusion programme, safety and environmental issues are of great importance in the continuing development of power plants. Expand
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Nuclear Data Uncertainties for Typical LWR Fuel Assemblies and a Simple Reactor Core
Abstract The impact of the current nuclear data library covariances such as in ENDF/B-VII.1, JEFF-3.2, JENDL-4.0, SCALE and TENDL, for relevant current reactors is presented in this work. TheExpand
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EASY-II Renaissance: n, p, d, α, γ-induced Inventory Code System
Abstract The European Activation SYstem has been re-engineered and re-written in modern programming languages so as to answer today's and tomorrow's needs in terms of activation, transmutation,Expand
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Modelling the interaction of primary irradiation damage and precipitates: Implications for experimental irradiation of zirconium alloys
Abstract Damage to materials by different irradiating particles is typically calibrated using displacements per atom (dpa). However dpa calculations usually neglect additional damage produced fromExpand
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PKA distributions: Contributions from transmutation products and from radioactive decay
Abstract The neutrons generated in fusion plasmas interact with materials via nuclear reactions. The resulting transmutations and atomic displacements have life-limiting consequences for fusionExpand
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