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CARMENES: high-resolution spectra and precise radial velocities in the red and infrared
The design and construction of CARMENES has been presented at previous SPIE conferences. It is a next-generation radial-velocity instrument at the 3.5m telescope of the Calar Alto Observatory, whichExpand
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CARMENES: an overview six months after first light
The CARMENES instrument is a pair of high-resolution (R⪆80,000) spectrographs covering the wavelength range from 0.52 to 1.71 μm, optimized for precise radial velocity measurements. It was installedExpand
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Development and construction of MAROON-X
We report on the development and construction of a new fiber-fed, red-optical, high-precision radial-velocity spectrograph for one of the twin 6.5m Magellan Telescopes in Chile. MAROON-X will beExpand
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Design of NEID, an extreme precision Doppler spectrograph for WIYN
We have developed an optical design for a high resolution spectrograph in response to NASA’s call for an extreme precision Doppler spectrometer (EPDS) for the WIYN telescope. Our instrument covers aExpand
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Nicotine stimulus expectancy differentially affects reaction time in healthy nonsmokers and smokers depending on sex: a pilot study.
Effects of nicotine on neurocognitive performance have been shown but are influenced by nonpharmacological expectancies in smokers, whereas there is little knowledge about expectancy effects inExpand
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Stabilizing a Fabry-Perot etalon to 3 cm/s for spectrograph calibration
We present a method of frequency stabilizing a broadband etalon that can serve as a high-precision wavelength calibrator for an Echelle spectrograph. Using a laser to probe the Doppler-free saturatedExpand
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A microlens-array based pupil slicer and double scrambler for MAROON-X
We report on the design and construction of a microlens-array (MLA)-based pupil slicer and double scrambler for MAROON-X, a new fiber-fed, red-optical, high-precision radial-velocity spectrograph forExpand
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Rubidium-traced white-light etalon calibrator for radial velocity measurements at the cm s−1 level
Abstract. We report on the construction and testing of a vacuum-gap Fabry–Pérot etalon calibrator for high precision radial velocity spectrographs. Our etalon is traced against a rubidium frequencyExpand
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Optimal non-circular fiber geometries for image scrambling in high-resolution spectrographs
Optical fibers are a key component for high-resolution spectrographs to attain high precision in radial velocity measurements. We present a custom fiber with a novel core geometry - a 'D'-shape. FromExpand
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Keck Planet Finder: preliminary design
The Keck Planet Finder (KPF) is a fiber-fed, high-resolution, high-stability spectrometer in development for the W.M. Keck Observatory. The instrument recently passed its preliminary design reviewExpand
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