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Celebrity Politicians: Popular Culture and Political Representation
Considerable political and media attention has focused on the phenomenon of the ‘celebrity politician’. As this article illustrates, there are two main variants of the phenomenon. The first is theExpand
Democracy, deliberation and design: the case of online discussion forums
It is argued that political choices are made both about the format and operation of the online discussion, and that this affects the possibility of deliberation, and should be viewed as dependent on design and choice, rather than a predetermined product of the technology. Expand
Mass Media, Politics and Democracy
Introduction PART ONE: REPRESENTING POLITICS Political Bias Telling Tales: The Reporting of Politics It's Just for Fun? Politics and Entertainment Media Effects PART TWO: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OFExpand
Politics And Popular Culture
Part I: The Political and the Popular:. 1. Passion, populism, politics. 2. Popular culture as politics. 3. Politics as popular culture. Part II: Governing Global Culture:. 4. All around the world:Expand
Do Celebrity Politics and Celebrity Politicians Matter?
This article asks what it means to take celebrity politics seriously. It does so from three perspectives. It begins by looking at the case of New Labour and the role that celebrity politics played inExpand
The Cambridge Companion to Pop and Rock
Notes on contributors Acknowledgements Introduction and chronology of pop and rock Part I. Context: 1. 'Plugged in': technology and popular music Paul Theberge 2. The popular music industry SimonExpand
‘Fight the Power’: The Politics of Music and the Music of Politics*
  • J. Street
  • Sociology
  • Government and Opposition
  • 2003
Abstract Popular music has a long and varied association with politics. It has provided the soundtrack to political protest and been the object of political censorship; politicians have courted popExpand
Rebel Rock: The Politics of Popular Music
John Street's analysis ranges over Britain, Europe, America and the Soviet Union. It covers the period from the 1950s to the present day, while tracing the roots of pop much further back. From soul,Expand