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Methylphenidate slows reactions of children with attention deficit disorder during and after an error
A Sternberg memory search task was administered under placebo and methylphenidate to 42 children with cross-situational attention deficit disorder (ADD), 31 children with cross-situational ADD plusExpand
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Effects of methylphenidate on young adults' performance and event-related potentials in a vigilance and a paired-associates learning test.
Twenty-two normal young men received a counterbalanced and double blind administration of 20 mg methylphenidate and placebo. Two tasks were administered in counterbalanced order: an uninterruptedExpand
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Effects of methylphenidate on processing negativities in patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
This study compared the impact of methylphenidate on patients with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with and without aggressive/noncompliant features in an oddball test consisting of aExpand
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Menstrual cycle abnormalities and subclinical eating disorders: a preliminary report.
&NA; Menstrual dysfunction is a common concomitant of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Initial investigations emphasized the role of weight loss and lean/fat ratio in amenorrhea. Subsequent studiesExpand
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Clinical and cognitive effects of methylphenidate on children with attention deficit disorder as a function of aggression/oppositionality and age.
Children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD; n = 44), ADD plus aggression/oppositionality (ADD/O; n = 34), and as not meeting ADD criteria (NC; n = 29) received methylphenidate andExpand
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Predictive strategies in eye-head co-ordination during text processing.
During text processing skilled touch typists often scan copy and display in a repetitive way. They read a text string from the copy and consecutively check the typed characters on the display. ThisExpand
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Syndrome de Marfan
Le syndrome de Marfan a ete decrit il y a plus de 100 ans, mais il reste d'actualite car il est souvent meconnu. Il comporte dans sa forme complete des anomalies musculo-squelettiques qui interessentExpand
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Does methylphenidate affect information processing? Findings from two studies on performance and P3b latency.
Two studies were conducted to assess the impact of methylphenidate on normal young adults in a fixed version of Steinberg's memory scanning task. Both studies yielded characteristic monotonicExpand
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Simultaneous ectopic pregnancy with intrauterine twin gestations after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.
A simultaneous ectopic tubal pregnancy with viable intrauterine twin gestations after IVF-ET of five fertilized eggs is presented. Pelvic ultrasound and serial quantitative hCG levels were notExpand
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Enhancing effects of methylphenidate on normal young adults' cognitive processes.
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