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Biofield energy healing from the inside.
OBJECTIVES Biofield energy healing involves controversial concepts, and although numerous controlled trials have evaluated the effects, little attention has been paid to the phenomenon from theExpand
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“Taking the State at Its Word”: The Arts of Consentful Contention in the German Democratic Republic1
  • J. Straughn
  • Sociology
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • 1 May 2005
Following the popular uprisings of 1989–91 in Eastern Europe, subsequent research on contention in state socialism has typically focused on transgressive repertoires implicated in the system'sExpand
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America as a “Christian Nation”? Understanding Religious Boundaries of National Identity in the United States
Though predominantly Christian since the time of its founding, the United States has become more religiously diverse in recent decades. Yet since the mid-1990s, the proportion of Americans who seeExpand
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Education, Civic Patriotism, and Democratic Citizenship: Unpacking the Education Effect on Political Involvement1
Previous research argues that political involvement not only reflects instrumental concern with political outcomes, but also involves normative motivations such as commitment to collective ideals.Expand
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Fallen Elites: The Military Other in Post-Unification Germany
Periods of economic insecurity affect different age groups in different ways. Whether you call them generations or cohorts, life experiences framed by the unique intersection of age and history haveExpand
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How citizenship matters: narratives of stateless and citizenship choice in Estonia
The phenomenon of statelessness is most often studied as an issue of international and human-rights law. In contrast, this paper examines narratives of citizenship choice among initially statelessExpand
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Performance and Counter-Power ( 2 ) : The Civil Rights Movement and the Civil Sphere
The modern civil rights movement began with the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955-56, a drama that brought Martin Luther King into the spotlight and captured the attention of Northern communicativeExpand
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