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Asianing Australia; Notes Towards a Critical Transnational in Cultural Studies
Abstract This paper attempts to develop a critical transnationalist perspective in cultural studies from the localized cultural and political context of contemporary ‘Australia’. It takes theExpand
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The Desirable Body: Cultural Fetishism and the Erotics of Consumption
"Now available for the first time in paperback, Jon Stratton's "The Desirable Body" lays a solid foundation for cultural and gender studies of the body by explicating the links, both historical andExpand
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Not just another multicultural story
It would be usual, these days, to argue that the experience of British migrants in Australia is the norm against which the reception of non-British migrants has always been articulated. I will argueExpand
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Factors affecting long-term survival of tunnelled haemodialysis catheters--a prospective audit of 812 tunnelled catheters.
BACKGROUND In 2001, in the US, 23% of haemodialysis patients were dialysing through tunnelled venous catheters (TVCs), and in the UK (2006) there were 28% of prevalent patients using catheters. It isExpand
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Hepatitis E seroprevalence in recipients of renal transplants or haemodialysis in southwest England: A case–control study
Locally acquired HEV infection is increasingly recognized in developed countries. Anti‐HEV IgG seroprevalence has been shown to be high in haemodialysis patients in a number of previous studies,Expand
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What is ‘Popular Music’?
The object of this paper is to examine the way in w^ch what is considered to be popular music is constructed through the interlocking effects of two structures which I here call the economic and theExpand
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This article examines the whiteness in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The author argues that the show’s overwhelming whiteness is a product of a generalized white anxiety about theExpand
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Coming Out Jewish
Introduction 1. Speaking as a Jew 2. European Jews, Assimilation and the Uncanny 3. More Than Average Fear 4. Othering Jews 5. (Dis)Placing the Jews 6. Migrating to Utopia 7. The Colour of Jews inExpand
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A cultural studies without guarantees: Response to Kuan-Hsing Chen
Abstract This article is a short response to Chen's critique of our article ‘Asianing Australia: notes toward a critical transnationalism in cultural studies’. It is argued that Chen's attack on ourExpand
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