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Recycling of E-cadherin: a potential mechanism for regulating cadherin dynamics.
E-Cadherin plays critical roles in many aspects of cell adhesion, epithelial development, and the establishment and maintenance of epithelial polarity. The fate of E-cadherin once it is delivered toExpand
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Rab11 in recycling endosomes regulates the sorting and basolateral transport of E-cadherin.
E-cadherin plays an essential role in cell polarity and cell-cell adhesion; however, the pathway for delivery of E-cadherin to the basolateral membrane of epithelial cells has not been fullyExpand
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A Role for the Phagosome in Cytokine Secretion
Membrane traffic in activated macrophages is required for two critical events in innate immunity: proinflammatory cytokine secretion and phagocytosis of pathogens. We found a joint traffickingExpand
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Active Rab11 and functional recycling endosome are required for E-cadherin trafficking and lumen formation during epithelial morphogenesis.
The correct targeting and trafficking of the adherens junction protein epithelial cadherin (E-cadherin) is a major determinant for the acquisition of epithelial cell polarity and for the maintenanceExpand
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The Macrophage-Inducible C-Type Lectin, Mincle, Is an Essential Component of the Innate Immune Response to Candida albicans1
The recognition of carbohydrate moieties by cells of the innate immune system is emerging as an essential element in antifungal immunity, but despite the number and diversity of lectins expressed byExpand
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Cytokine secretion in macrophages and other cells: pathways and mediators.
Cytokines and other immune mediators are secreted by cells of the immune system during immune responses and as a means of communication. While the functions of these cytokines, chemokines andExpand
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The ins and outs of E-cadherin trafficking.
One way of controlling the activity of E-cadherin--a protein that is, simultaneously, a major cell-adhesion molecule, a powerful tumour suppressor, a determinant of cell polarity and a partner to theExpand
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Cytokine release from innate immune cells: association with diverse membrane trafficking pathways.
Cytokines released from innate immune cells play key roles in the regulation of the immune response. These intercellular messengers are the source of soluble regulatory signals that initiate andExpand
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EGF induces macropinocytosis and SNX1-modulated recycling of E-cadherin
In epithelia, junction proteins are endocytosed for modulation of cell-cell adhesion and cell polarity. In response to growth factors, the cell-cell adhesion protein E-cadherin is internalized fromExpand
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