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Diverging Parties: Social Change, Realignment, and Party Polarization
Party polarization in the House of Representatives has increased in recent decades. Explaining this development has been difficult, given current interpretations of American elections. The dominantExpand
Class, Race Issues, and Declining White Support for the Democratic Party in the South
The Democratic Party in the South has experienced a major loss of white voters in recent decades. Two major hypotheses have been proposed to explain this change. The dominant explanation in recentExpand
Split: Class and Cultural Divides in American Politics
Talk of politics in the United States today is abuzz with warring red and blue factions. The message is that Americans are split due to deeply-held beliefs - over abortion, gay marriage, stem-cellExpand
For Better or Worse: How Political Consultants Are Changing Elections in the United States
For Better or Worse: How Political Consultants Are Changing Elections in the United States. By David A. Dulio. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2004. 289p. $71.50 cloth, $23.95 paper. ThisExpand
Class And Party In American Politics
* List of Tables and Figures * Preface Inequality and Political Debate: The Failed Role of DemocratsConventional Wisdom * Another Look: Reconsidering Political Trends The Puzzling Survival ofExpand
Political Polling: Strategic Information in Campaigns
Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Campaigns, Democracy, and the Need for Information Chapter 3 Purpose, Limited Budgets, and When to Poll Chapter 4 What Kind of Poll? Chapter 5 Writing Questions: LanguageExpand
Measuring Citizen Preferences for Public Services Using Surveys: Does a “Gray Peril” Threaten Funding for Public Education?
Given the rising share of senior citizens and their higher voter participation rates, seniors could represent a sizeable bloc of voters in many local elections. Concerns have been raised about aExpand
Class and Party: Secular Realignment and the Survival of Democrats outside the South
A common conclusion is that beginning in the late 1960s the policy stands of Democrats on civil rights and civil liberties issues alienated the white working class. Race is presumed to have driven aExpand
Polarization and the Politics of Personal Responsibility
Preface I: The Sources of Conflict in American Politics 1. Political Conflict in America: Over What? II: The Evolution of Liberal Thought 2. America's Commitment to Individualism 3. Social ConditionsExpand