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Mechanism of enhanced superoxide production in the cytochrome b(6)f complex of oxygenic photosynthesis.
The specific rate of superoxide (O2(•-)) production in the purified active crystallizable cytochrome b6f complex, normalized to the rate of electron transport, has been found to be more than an orderExpand
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Lipid-induced conformational changes within the cytochrome b6f complex of oxygenic photosynthesis.
Cytochrome b6f catalyzes quinone redox reactions within photosynthetic membranes to generate a transmembrane proton electrochemical gradient for ATP synthesis. A key step involves the transfer of anExpand
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Role of domain swapping in the hetero-oligomeric cytochrome b6f lipoprotein complex.
Domain swapping that contributes to the stability of biologically crucial multisubunit complexes has been implicated in protein oligomerization. In the case of membrane protein assemblies, domainExpand
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Increased Superoxide Production in the Cytochrome B6F Complex: A Function for the Enigmatic Chlorophyll-A
The structural basis for superoxide production in cytochrome bc complexes is relevant to understanding the mechanism of generation of deleterious reactive oxygen species and partition of electronExpand