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Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase
It has long been appreciated that purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP; purine nucleoside: orthophosphate ribosyltransferase, EC may play a role in cancer chemotherapy by catalyzing theExpand
Three-dimensional structure of human erythrocytic purine nucleoside phosphorylase at 3.2 A resolution.
The three-dimensional structure of human erythrocytic purine nucleoside phosphorylase has been determined at 3.2 A resolution using x-ray diffraction data. Intensity data were measured usingExpand
[72] Purine nucleoside phosphorylase from human erythrocytes
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the purification procedure of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNPase) enzyme from human erythrocytes. PNPase is crystallized from human erythrocytes, whereExpand
Regulation of Interleukin-13 Receptor Constituents on Mature Human B Lymphocytes*
Human B cells stimulated through both their immunoglobulin and CD40 receptors up-regulate 745 ± 51 interleukin (IL)-13 ligand binding sites with an affinity of 0.91 ± 0.08 nm within 24 h. IL-13 bindsExpand
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase from human erythrocytes.
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase has been purified about 7,300-fold and crystallized from human erythrocytes (mol wt 81,000). The recrystallized enzyme exists in the form of needles and sometimesExpand
Human erythrocytic purine nucleoside phosphorylase: reaction with sugar-modified nucleoside substrates.
The kinetic parameters (Km and Vmax) of sugar-modified analogues of inosine and guanosine have been determined with human erythrocytic purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP). Steric alterations at theExpand
1alpha,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 modulates CD38 expression on human lymphocytes.
B cells from chronically stimulated tonsils displayed high initial mean CD38 levels that declined during in vitro culture, despite ligation of CD40 and/or the Ag receptor in the presence of IL-4.Expand
Inhibitors of purine nucleoside phosphorylase, C(8) and C(5') substitutions.
Abstract The C(8) and C(5') positions of base and nucleoside substrates of human erythrocytic purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) are promising sites for the development of an inhibitor of thisExpand
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase. 2. Catalytic mechanism.
X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling, and site-directed mutagenesis were used to delineate the catalytic mechanism of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP). PNP catalyzes the reversibleExpand