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Effects of quillaja and yucca saponins on communities and select populations of rumen bacteria and archaea, and fermentation in vitro
The objective of this study was to comprehensively evaluate quillaja (QSP) and yucca saponin (YSP) products with respect to their effects on diversity of rumen bacteria and archaea, abundance of
Populations of Select Cultured and Uncultured Bacteria in the Rumen of Sheep and the Effect of Diets and Ruminal Fractions
It is shown that abundance and population dynamics of uncultured bacteria can be quantified by specific qPCR, which complements the results of rrs clone libraries, and revealed that some uncULTured bacteria might be as important as some of the well-characterized bacteria in the rumen.
Prebiotic Oligosaccharides: Comparative Evaluation Using In Vitro Cultures of Infants' Fecal Microbiomes
It is suggested that supplementation of infant formula with GOS may increase intestinal bifidobacteria and benefit infant health.
Number of PCR Cycles and Magnesium Chloride Concentration Affect Detection of tet Genes Encoding Ribosomal Protection Proteins in Swine Manure
Numbers of PCR cycles and MgCl2 concentrations were evaluated for their effect on the diversity and prevalence of the tet genes that encode ribosomal protection proteins (RPPs) in composted swine fecal samples using the degenerate Ribo2_new_FW/Ribo2-RV primer pair.