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Dynamical model development and parameter identification for an anaerobic wastewater treatment process.
This paper deals with the development and the parameter identification of an anaerobic digestion process model. Expand
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Pretreatment methods to improve sludge anaerobic degradability: a review.
This paper presents a review of the main sludge treatment techniques used as a pretreatment to anaerobic digestion. These processes include biological (largely thermal phased anaerobic), thermalExpand
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Life-cycle assessment of biodiesel production from microalgae.
This paper provides an analysis of the potential environmental impacts of biodiesel production from microalgae. High production yields of microalgae have called forth interest of economic andExpand
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Benchmark Simulation Model no. 1 (BSM1)
The present document presents in details the final state of Benchmark Simulation Model no. 1 (BSM1) and the procedure to test the implementation. Expand
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Life-cycle assessment of microalgae culture coupled to biogas production.
Due to resource depletion and climate change, lipid-based algal biofuel has been pointed out as an interesting alternative because of the high productivity of algae per hectare and per year and itsExpand
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Hydrogen production from agricultural waste by dark fermentation: A review
The degradation of the natural environment and the energy crisis are two vital issues for sustainable development worldwide. Hydrogen is considered as one of the most promising candidates as aExpand
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Experimental study on a coupled process of production and anaerobic digestion of Chlorella vulgaris.
The main goal of this present study is to investigate the feasibility of coupling algae production (Chlorella vulgaris) to an anaerobic digestion unit. An intermediate settling device was integratedExpand
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Lignocellulosic Materials Into Biohydrogen and Biomethane: Impact of Structural Features and Pretreatment
Production of energy from lignocellulosic biomass or residues is receiving ever-increasing interest. Among the different processes, dark fermentation for producing biohydrogen and anaerobic digestionExpand
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Inhibition of fermentative hydrogen production by lignocellulose-derived compounds in mixed cultures
Abstract Dark fermentation using mixed cultures is an attractive biological process for producing hydrogen (H 2 ) from lignocellulosic biomass at a low cost. Physicochemical pretreatment is generallyExpand
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Benchmark simulation model no 2: general protocol and exploratory case studies.
Over a decade ago, the concept of objectively evaluating the performance of control strategies by simulating them using a standard model implementation was introduced for activated sludge wastewaterExpand
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