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The inhalation characteristics of patients when they use different dry powder inhalers.
If inhalation profiles were used with compendial in vitro dose emission measurements, then the results would provide useful information about the dose patients inhale during routine use, and demonstrate the advantages of ΔP and ACCEL rather than PIFs. Expand
A comparison of several methods of macular hole measurement using optical coherence tomography, and their value in predicting anatomical and visual outcomes
Logistic regression analyses indicated that the preoperative base diameter, macular hole inner opening and minimum linear diameter were associated with both anatomical and visual success and can each be used to predict anatomical and/or functional success in Macular hole surgery. Expand
Nine-Year Single-Center Experience with Nonparastic Liver Cysts: Diagnosis and Management
It is concluded that laparoscopic liver cyst deroofing is an effective method of dealing with symptomatic nonparasitic liver cysts. Expand
Increasing the health literacy of learning disability and mental health nurses in physical care skills: a pre and post-test evaluation of a workshop on diabetes care.
Findings from the workshop show that learning disability and mental health nurses have the motivation to increase their health literacy (skills and knowledge) in diabetes care. Expand
Understanding the factors that influence breast reconstruction decision making in Australian women.
A model using factors easily obtained on clinical history can be used to understand likelihood of reconstruction and may help identify barriers to reconstruction, ultimately improving the clinicians' ability to appropriately educate mastectomy patients and ensure effective decision making around breast reconstruction. Expand
Management and cost of surgical site infection in patients undergoing surgery for spinal metastasis.
SSI significantly increases healthcare costs for patients undergoing surgery for spinal metastasis, with prolonged inpatient hospitalization and return to theatre for wound management being major contributors. Expand
Foam dressings: a review of the literature and evaluation of fluid-handling capacity of four leading foam dressings
Foam dressings are frequently used in wound care to assist with the management of wound exudate, helping to prevent maceration of the wound bed, protect the surrounding skin and prevent cross-infection caused by strikethrough. Expand
Investigating perceptions of the academic educational environment across six undergraduate health care courses in the United Kingdom.
Both profession and year of study were found to be significantly associated with total DREEM scores, with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses scored higher than operating department practice students; and first year students scoring higher than third year students. Expand
Affected family member coping with a relative with alcohol and/or other drug misuse: A cross‐sectional survey questionnaire
Families have a crucial role supporting a relative with alcohol and/or other drug misuse, but the role has adverse implications for family members' coping, which in turn, affects their ability andExpand