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Managing the health effects of climate change
www.thelancet.com Vol 373 May 16, 2009 1693 Anthony Costello, Mustafa Abbas, Adriana Allen, Sarah Ball, Sarah Bell, Richard Bellamy, Sharon Friel, Nora Groce, Anne Johnson, Maria Kett, Maria Lee,Expand
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The Regai Dzive Shiri project: results of a randomized trial of an HIV prevention intervention for youth
Background:HIV prevention among young people in southern Africa is a public health priority. There is little rigorous evidence of the effectiveness of different intervention approaches. We describeExpand
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Human papillomavirus vaccination and sexual behaviour: cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys conducted in England.
OBJECTIVE To examine whether HPV vaccination influences sexual behaviour in adolescent girls, either by giving them a 'green light' to have sex, or because perceived protection afforded by theExpand
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Disease progression and survival following specific AIDS‐defining conditions: a retrospective cohort study of 2048 HIV‐infected persons in London
Objective: To assess the impact of specific AIDS‐defining conditions on survival in HIV‐infected persons, with emphasis on the effect of tuberculosis. Methods: A retrospective cohort analysis ofExpand
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Origins of Lifetime Health Around the Time of Conception: Causes and Consequences
(Abstracted from Lancet 2018;391:1842–1852)This review and meta-analysis discusses periconceptional environmental exposures that have been shown to adversely affect humans and animal models andExpand
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The need to improve fertility awareness
Women and men globally are delaying the birth of their first child. In the UK, the average age of first conception in women is 29 years. Women experience age-related fertility decline so it isExpand
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'HIV is HIV to me': The meanings of treatment, viral load and reinfection for gay men living with HIV
This paper identifies some aspects of the risk management practices of HIV positive gay men in relation to HIV treatments and sexual practice. The paper uses qualitative methods to examine sexualExpand
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