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Acute excision or exposure treatment? Final results of a three-year randomized controlled clinical trial.
Which treatment, acute excision or exposure, is the method of choice in the treatment of patients with small, medium-sized or large burns, and superficial or deep burns respectively? In an attempt toExpand
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Acute excision or exposure treatment?
An evaluation of a total of 2 460 patients treated with exposure during the period 1962–1971. marked that the exposure method showed satisfactory results, but also that there are clear upper limitsExpand
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Medical demography in Denmark. I. From a deficit to a surplus of doctors.
In the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s Denmark like other western countries has experienced a substantial growth in the number of medical doctors. Throughout the country, the doctor population ratioExpand
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[Waiting time for surgery in 1990].
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[Waiting lists for surgical interventions].
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Medical demography in Denmark. II. Prognoses--how to achieve equilibrium?
In keeping with efforts made during the 1970s to achieve a better balance between supply and demand on the employment marker for doctors, several detailed prognoses have been produced for the futureExpand
[Evaluation of quality in health services].
In recent years, the population and professional people have become increasingly aware of the need for a more systematic assessment of quality in health service. On basis of this, a Danish workshopExpand
[Surgical waiting time].
[Activity in the hospital service in 1981].