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Probabilism for Stochastic Theories
  • J. Steeger
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • 9 September 2018
I defend an analog of probabilism that characterizes rationally coherent estimates for chances that avoid accuracy-dominance if and only if they are given by a state on that algebra. Expand
Betting on Quantum Objects
Dutch book arguments have been applied to beliefs about the outcomes of measurements of quantum systems, but not to beliefs about quantum objects prior to measurement. In this paper, we prove aExpand
The first three rungs of the cosmological distance ladder
It is straightforward to determine the size of the Earth and the distance to the Moon without using a telescope. The methods have been known since the third century BCE. However, few astronomers haveExpand
Two Forms of Inconsistency in Quantum Foundations
Recently, there has been some discussion of how Dutch Book arguments might be used to demonstrate the rational incoherence of certain hidden variable models of quantum theory (Feintzeig and FletcherExpand
Extensions of Bundles of C*-algebras
Bundles of C*-algebras can be used to represent limits of physical theories whose algebraic structure depends on the value of a parameter. The primary example is the $\hbar\to 0$ limit of theExpand