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Homotopy associativity of $H$-spaces. II
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Introduction to SH Lie algebras for physicists
UNC-MATH-92/2originally April 27, 1990, revised September 24, 1992INTRODUCTION TO SH LIE ALGEBRAS FOR PHYSICISTSTom LadaJim StasheffMuch of point particle physics can be described in terms of LieExpand
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Operads in algebra, topology, and physics
'Operads are powerful tools, and this is the book in which to read about them' - ""Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society"". Operads are mathematical devices that describe algebraic structuresExpand
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Obstructions to homotopy equivalences
Abstract An obstruction theory is developed to decide when an isomorphism of rational cohomology can be realized by a rational homotopy equivalence (either between rationally nilpotent spaces, orExpand
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The Lie algebra structure of tangent cohomology and deformation theory
Abstract Tangent cohomology of a commutative algebra is known to have the structure of a graded Lie algebra; we account for this by exhibiting a differential graded Lie algebra (in fact, two of them)Expand
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H-Spaces from a Homotopy Point of View
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The sh Lie Structure of Poisson Brackets in Field Theory
Abstract:A general construction of an sh Lie algebra (L∞-algebra) from a homological resolution of a Lie algebra is given. It is applied to the space of local functionals equipped with a PoissonExpand
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Deformation theory and rational homotopy type
We regard the classification of rational homotopy types as a problem in algebraic deformation theory: any space with given cohomology is a perturbation, or deformation, of the "formal" space withExpand
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Perturbation Theory in Differential Homological Algebra II
Perturbation theory is a particularly useful way to obtain relatively small differential complexes representing a given chain homotopy type. An important part of the theory is “the basic perturbationExpand
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Homotopy Algebras Inspired by Classical Open-Closed String Field Theory
We define a homotopy algebra associated to classical open-closed strings. We call it an open-closed homotopy algebra (OCHA). It is inspired by Zwiebach's open-closed string field theory and also isExpand
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