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Petilla terminology: nomenclature of features of GABAergic interneurons of the cerebral cortex
Neuroscience produces a vast amount of data from an enormous diversity of neurons. A neuronal classification system is essential to organize such data and the knowledge that is derived from them.Expand
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Membrane Potential Dynamics of GABAergic Neurons in the Barrel Cortex of Behaving Mice
Computations in cortical circuits are mediated by synaptic interactions between excitatory and inhibitory neurons, and yet we know little about their activity in awake animals. Here, through singleExpand
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Increased corpus callosum size in musicians
Using in-vivo magnetic resonance morphometry it was investigated whether the midsagittal area of the corpus callosum (CC) would differ between 30 professional musicians and 30 age-, sex- andExpand
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Unique functional properties of somatostatin-expressing GABAergic neurons in mouse barrel cortex
Neocortical GABAergic neurons have diverse molecular, structural and electrophysiological features, but the functional correlates of this diversity are largely unknown. We found unique membraneExpand
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Layer-Specific Intracolumnar and Transcolumnar Functional Connectivity of Layer V Pyramidal Cells in Rat Barrel Cortex
Layer V pyramidal cells in rat barrel cortex are considered to play an important role in intracolumnar and transcolumnar signal processing. However, the precise circuitry mediating this processing isExpand
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New insights into the classification and nomenclature of cortical GABAergic interneurons
A systematic classification and accepted nomenclature of neuron types is much needed but is currently lacking. This article describes a possible taxonomical solution for classifying GABAergicExpand
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Characterizing VIP Neurons in the Barrel Cortex of VIPcre/tdTomato Mice Reveals Layer-Specific Differences
Neocortical GABAergic interneurons have a profound impact on cortical circuitry and its information processing capacity. Distinct subgroups of inhibitory interneurons can be distinguished byExpand
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Two types of nicotinic receptors mediate an excitation of neocortical layer I interneurons.
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are widely expressed in the neocortex but their functional roles remain largely unknown. Here we investigated the effect of nicotinic receptor activation onExpand
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Properties of bipolar VIPergic interneurons and their excitation by pyramidal neurons in the rat neocortex
In the rat neocortex, a subset of GABAergic interneurons express the neuropeptide vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP). Previously, we demonstrated that a population of VIPergic interneurons could beExpand
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Functional diversity of layer IV spiny neurons in rat somatosensory cortex: quantitative morphology of electrophysiologically characterized and biocytin labeled cells.
Previous analyses of the spiny layer IV neurons have almost exclusively focused on spiny stellate cells. Here we provide detailed morphological data characterizing three subpopulations of spinyExpand
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