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Topology and geometry for physicists
Applications from condensed matter physics, statistical mechanics and elementary particle theory appear in the book. An obvious omission here is general relativity--we apologize for this. We
A theory of everything?
In his later years, Einstein sought a unified theory that would extend general relativity and provide an alternative to quantum theory. There is now talk of a ‘theory of everything’ (although
Hilbert's Foundation of Physics: From a Theory of Everything to a Constituent of General Relativity
Remarkably, Einstein was not the first to discover the correct form of the law of warpage [of space-time, i.e. the gravitational field equations], the form that obeys his relativity principle.
The collected papers of Albert Einstein
List of Texts xiii List of Illustrations xxxiii INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL Introduction to Volume 14 xxxv Editorial Method of the Series lxxxv Acknowledgments xciii Note on the Translation xcv List of
A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy of Gödel and Einstein
The book’s title suggests its three main themes: 1) “A World Without Time”: Gödel’s argument, based on his interpretation of the theories of relativity (both special and general), for the “unreality”
Thickening the string. I. The string perfect dust
The classical theory of the geometrical string is developed as the theory of a simple, surface-forming timelike bivector field in an arbitrary background space-time. The stress-energy tensor for a
Belated Decision in the Hilbert-Einstein Priority Dispute
According to the commonly accepted view, David Hilbert completed the general theory of relativity at least 5 days before Albert Einstein submitted his conclusive paper on this theory on 25 November