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How) Does The Sexual Orientation Of Parents Matter
Opponents of lesbian and gay parental rights claim that children with lesbigay parents are at higher risk for a variety of negative outcomes. Yet most research in psychology concludes that there are
How Does the Gender of Parents Matter
Claims that children need both a mother and father presume that women and men parent differently in ways crucial to development but generally rely on studies that conflate gender with other family
Gay Parenthood and the Decline of Paternity as We Knew It
Most analyses of postmodern transformations of intimacy feature adult unions, often placing gays and lesbians on the frontier. The contemporary pursuit of parenthood evinces a similar shift from
Feminists have made important contributions to sociology, but we have yet to transform the basic conceptual frameworks of the field. A comparison of sociology with anthropology, history, and
Motherhood: Meanings, Practices and Ideologies
Introduction - Ann Phoenix and Anne Woollett PART ONE: PSYCHOLOGY AND IDEOLOGY Motherhood - Ann Phoenix and Anne Woollett Social Construction, Politics and Psychology Psychological Views of Mothering
Brave New Families: Stories of Domestic Upheaval in Late Twentieth Century America
Judith Stacey has added a new preface to her classic study of how the traditional nuclear family has been supplanted by a variety of new relationships that are not defined by blood ties and