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Sperm tails and bronchial cilia from Polynesians with bronchiectasis were examined in the electron microscope. The outer doublet tubules of the axonemal skeleton in these organelles either lackedExpand
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A collagen-like sheath in the arenaceous foraminifer Haliphysema (Protozoa)
SYNOPSIS The 1–2 μ protein fibres forming an internal lining to the fragile arenaceous shell of Haliphysema are made of 0.2 μ diameter, cross-striated fibres, which have an axial period ofExpand
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Fine structure of Sfapheardella tceniformis (Foraminifera: Protozoa)
SYNOPSIS A survey of ultrastructure in the relatively large Shepheardella tceniformis (Foraminifera) reveals several features not observed previously in this group of protozoans. Microtubules,Expand
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Reproduction in Boderia turneri (foraminifera)
Summary (1) Binary fission, schizogony and gametogenesis are reported in cultures of Boderia turneri, a shallow-water marine foraminifer. (2) Boderia produces biflagellate gametes with a heterokontExpand
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Formation of mitochondria in Boderia (Protozoa: Foraminiferida)
SummaryApproximately 25 per cent of the mitochondria in one day old, rapidly growing, schizonts of Boderia vary considerably in their morphology from the consistently spherical organelles present inExpand
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