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Superior triacylglycerol (TAG) accumulation in starchless mutants of Scenedesmus obliquus: (II) evaluation of TAG yield and productivity in controlled photobioreactors
The yield of TAG on light can be improved by 51% by using the slm1 starchless mutant of S. obliquus, and a similar improvement seems realistic for the areal productivity in outdoor cultivation.
Superior triacylglycerol (TAG) accumulation in starchless mutants of Scenedesmus obliquus: (I) mutant generation and characterization
The improved S. obliquus TAG production strains are the first starchless mutants in an oleaginous green microalga that show enhanced TAG content under photoautotrophic conditions and can pave the way towards a more feasible microalgae-driven TAG production platform.
The thn mutation of Schizophyllum commune, which suppresses formation of aerial hyphae, affects expression of the Sc3 hydrophobin gene.
The spontaneous and recessive mutation thn in the basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune suppresses the formation of aerial hyphae in the monokaryon and, if present as a double dose, the formation of
From the Sugar Platform to biofuels and biochemicals : Final report for the European Commission Directorate-General Energy
Numerous potential pathways to biofuels and biochemicals exist via the sugar platform1. This study uses literature surveys, market data and stakeholder input to provide a comprehensive evidence base
Production methods for hyaluronan
Hyaluronan is a polysaccharide with multiple functions in the human body being involved in creating flexible and protective layers in tissues and in many signalling pathways during embryonic
Clinical Performance of Aspergillus PCR for Testing Serum and Plasma: a Study by the European Aspergillus PCR Initiative
The analytical finding that the sensitivity of Aspergillus PCR using plasma is superior to that using serum is confirmed, and PCR positivity occurs earlier when testing plasma and provides sufficient sensitivity for the screening of invasive aspergillosis while maintaining methodological simplicity.
Xylose metabolism in the fungus Rhizopus oryzae: effect of growth and respiration on l(+)-lactic acid production
It is demonstrated that the production of lactic acid by R. oryzae CBS 112.07 only occurs under growing conditions, and deprivation of nutrients such as nitrogen, essential for fungal biomass formation, resulted in a cessation ofLactic acid production.
Multicenter Comparison of Serum and Whole-Blood Specimens for Detection of Aspergillus DNA in High-Risk Hematological Patients
There was no significant difference between the use of whole-blood and serum specimens for PCR-based diagnosis of IA, but there was a trend for whole blood to be more sensitive and to yield an earlier positive result than for serum.
Combined real‐time PCR and galactomannan surveillance improves diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis in high risk patients with haematological malignancies
Overall biomarker performance could be improved by combining positive results of either PCR assay with GM taken within a 12‐d period, and the addition of PCR to GM monitoring in high‐risk patients with haematological malignancies provides greater diagnostic accuracy in invasive aspergillosis.
Effect of Introns and AT-Rich Sequences on Expression of the Bacterial Hygromycin B Resistance Gene in the BasidiomyceteSchizophyllum commune
It is shown that intron-dependent mRNA accumulation and truncation of transcripts are two independent events that both affect expression of the bacterial hygromycin B resistance gene in S. commune.