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Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti
In this path-breaking book, Jeb Sprague investigates the dangerous world of right-wing paramilitarism in Haiti and its role in undermining the democratic aspirations of the Haitian people. SpragueExpand
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Globalization and Transnational Capitalism in Asia and Oceania
Introduction 1. Global Capitalism and Transnational Class Formation in Asia and Oceania, Jeb Sprague Transnational Capitalist Class 2. Statism and the Transnational Capitalist Class in China, JerryExpand
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From International to Transnational Mining: The Industry’s Shifting Political Economy and the Caribbean
This paper examines the historical trajectory and changing political economy of the mining industry in the Caribbean. It will trace how mining operations have occurred in the region through aExpand
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Transnational corporations in twenty-first century capitalism
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss economic and social issues of contemporary capitalism through the views and works of Grazia Ietto-Gillies who has a long experience of research inExpand
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The Caribbean and Global Capitalism
Author(s): Sprague, Jeb H. | Advisor(s): Robinson, William I | Abstract: As a new epoch in the history of world capitalism, global capitalism is shaping every region of the planet. One of theseExpand
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Global Capitalism and “North-South” Unevenness: In Light of Ranking, Statistical Correlations, and Profits from the Forbes’ Worldwide List of 2000 Top Firms
AbstractWhile a ‘north-south divide’ in world capitalism has been pointed to for many years, in this article we examine how this unevenness continues in today’s epoch of capitalist globalization. ToExpand
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Transnational Capitalist Class in the Global Financial Crisis: A Discussion with Leslie Sklair
In an interview, Leslie Sklair, author of The Transnational Capitalist Class (2001) and Professor Emeritus in Sociology at the London School of Economics, discusses his thoughts on today's globalExpand
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Paramilitaries in Haiti
His right eye blinked furiously, swollen and red; he continued to rub it…. Louis-Jodel Chamblain, the man sitting across from me, had been a commander of the paramilitary force…known as theExpand
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