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Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology
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Anthropology, Politics, and the State: Democracy and Violence in South Asia
1. The strange death of political anthropology 2. Locating the political 3. Culture, nation and misery 4. Performing democracy 5. The state and self-making 6. The state and violence 7. Pluralism inExpand
Post-colonialism and the political imagination
This article considers the rise and fall of political anthropology in the context of the global shift from colonial to post-colonial rule. Classical political anthropology peaked in the 1960s and hasExpand
The conditions of listening: Essays on religion, history, and politics in South Asia
Acknowledgements Editorial Note Introduction: History and Theory in the Interpretation of South Asian Society (C.J. Fuller and Jonathan Spencer) PART I SOCIETY AND RELIGION 1. Hierarchical Models ofExpand
What People Think About the Management of Sex Offenders in the Community
The research on which this article is based examines public attitudes towards the reintegration of sex offenders into the community. Data were gathered using a variety of methods: an online,Expand
Collective Violence and Everyday Practice in Sri Lanka
InJuly 1983 communal violence in the southern towns of Sri Lanka left between 300 and 3,000 people dead, nearly all of them members of the minority Tamil population. While such a disturbingExpand
Anthropology as a Kind of Writing