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Effects of Clear-Cut Harvesting on Boreal Ground-Beetle Assemblages (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Western Canada
We compared pitfall catches from four types of mature lodgepole pine—white spruce forest with those from five age classes of young forest regenerating subsequent to clear-cutting. Ground beetles wereExpand
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Sampling carabid assemblages with pitfall traps: The madness and the method
We describe a litter-washing technique for collecting quantitative samples of ground-beetles (Carabidae), and compare the results with those from liner extraction by Tullgren funnels and pitfallExpand
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Northern forestry and carabids: the case for concern about old-growth species
Spence, J. & Currie, C., Department of Biological Sciences, CW-405A BiologicalSciences Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6G 2E3Carcamo, H., Department of Biological Sciences,Expand
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Arthropod responses to harvesting and wildfire: Implications for emulation of natural disturbance in forest management
Abstract Although natural disturbance has been widely adopted as a template for forest management that protects biodiversity, this hypothesis has not been adequately tested. We comparedExpand
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Carabid beetle assemblages (Coleoptera, Carabidae) across urban-rural gradients: an international comparison
We studied communities of carabid beetles in residual forest patchesalong urban-suburban-rural gradients in three cities (Helsinki, Finland; Sofia,Bulgaria and Edmonton, Canada) to examine theirExpand
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The search for common anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity: a global network
We introduce an initiative to assess and compare landscape changes related to human activities on a global scale, using a single group of invertebrates. The GLOBENET programme uses common fieldExpand
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Habitat associations and seasonal activity of ground-beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in central Alberta
Carabid beetles were collected with grids of pitfall traps during two seasons in five habitats in the ecotone between aspen parkland and boreal mixedwood forest in central Alberta. The 23 abundantExpand
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Pitfall Trap Size and Capture of Three Taxa of Litter-Dwelling Arthropods: Implications for Biodiversity Studies
Abstract Cost-effective and ecologically sensitive monitoring techniques are required to assess effects of anthropogenic disturbances on biodiversity. Pitfall trapping is widely used in biodiversityExpand
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Succession of boreal forest spider assemblages following wildfire and harvesting
To test whether spider succession following harvest differed from succession following wildfire, spiders were collected by pitfall trapping and sweep netting over two years in aspen-dominated borealExpand
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Farming and ground beetles: effects of agronomic practice on populations and community structure.
We studied the effects of agricultural practice on ground beetles, using pitfall traps in field plots and in an uncultivated meadow near Edmonton, Alberta. Ground beetle abundance and speciesExpand
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