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High-resolution ab initio three-dimensional x-ray diffraction microscopy.
X-ray diffraction imaging with high resolution in all three dimensions is demonstrated, as determined by a quantitative analysis of the reconstructed volume images, and the techniques to be used in atomic-resolution ultrafast imaging at x-ray free-electron laser sources are established. Expand
Femtosecond X-ray protein nanocrystallography
This work offers a new approach to structure determination of macromolecules that do not yield crystals of sufficient size for studies using conventional radiation sources or are particularly sensitive to radiation damage, by using pulses briefer than the timescale of most damage processes. Expand
Lipidic cubic phase injector facilitates membrane protein serial femtosecond crystallography.
This work presents a technique for extruding gel-like LCP with embedded membrane protein microcrystals, providing a continuously renewed source of material for serial femtosecond crystallography. Expand
An assessment of the resolution limitation due to radiation-damage in x-ray diffraction microscopy.
The conclusion of this study is that, based on the natural contrast between protein and water and "Rose-criterion" image quality, one should be able to image a frozen-hydrated biological sample using XDM at a resolution of about 10 nm. Expand
High-Resolution Protein Structure Determination by Serial Femtosecond Crystallography
Serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX) is applied using an x-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) to obtain high-resolution structural information from microcrystals of the well-characterized model protein lysozyme, demonstrating the immediate relevance of SFX for analyzing the structure of the large group of difficult-to-crystallize molecules. Expand
High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
Preface Acknowledgements List of Symbols 1. Preliminaries 2. Electron Optics 3. Wave Optics 4. Coherence and Fourier Optics 5. High-Resolution Images of Crystals and their Defects 6. HREM in Biology,Expand
Experimental High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
The new edition of this practical microscopy guide includes additional material on high-resolution images of periodic structures and associated techniques. It provides both a view of the fundamentalExpand
Single mimivirus particles intercepted and imaged with an X-ray laser
This work shows that high-quality diffraction data can be obtained with a single X-ray pulse from a non-crystalline biological sample, a single mimivirus particle, which was injected into the pulsed beam of a hard-X-ray free-electron laser, the Linac Coherent Light Source. Expand