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The photoreceptors and visual pigments of the garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis): a microspectrophotometric, scanning electron microscopic and immunocytochemical study
Abstract Scanning electron microscopy, immunocytochemistry, and single cell microspectrophotometry were employed to characterize the photoreceptors and visual pigments in the retina of the garterExpand
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Improved heart preservation with UW preservation solution.
Despite the good clinical results obtained with the current heart preservation techniques, these methods need to be improved. The UW solution has provided excellent preservation for the pancreas,Expand
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Going where the data is
Measuring Real Estate Risk : Forecast Return Uncertainty
The rapid recovery of US real estate markets and the concomitant emergence of new development have stimulated concern over whether U.S. real estate markets will once again overbuild as they did inExpand
The CB Commercial/Torto-Wheaton Database
This article describes the CB Commercial/Torto-Wheaton (CBC/TW) database from the collection of data through the creation of the aggregate database. In addition, information on accessing the data forExpand
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- 1-Real Estate Risk : A Forward Looking Approach
Executive Summary: In this paper we argue forcefully that real estate is a predictable asset class (unlike stocks and bonds} and propose a forward-looking methodology for evaluating real estateExpand