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Daily Life of the Aztecs on the Eve of the Spanish Conquest
The subject of this book is the life of the Mexicansthe "Mexica," as they said themselvesat the beginning of the sixteenth century. At that time, in the early 1500s, nobody, from the arid steppes ofExpand
Myths of Paradise Lost in Pre-Hispanic Central Mexico [and Comments and Reply]
Reconstruction and comparative analysis of the Central Mexican myths that deal with the first phase of the creation of the world demonstrate that they all tell the same story. They attempt to explainExpand
[The parathyroid risk in thyroid surgery (author's transl)].
A parathyroid insufficiency, defined like a functional deficit sufficient to pull down calcemia underneath 75 mg/l and/or give clinical obvious disturbances of neuromuscular hyperexcitability, haveExpand
[Prognosis of the thyroid carcinomas after surgery (author's transl)].
The authors review 140 cases and show the prime importance of the patient's age and the histological type in the prognosis of the operations of thyroid carcinoma (with the exception of solitaryExpand
Daily Life of the Aztecs
The Olmecs: The Oldest Civilization in Mexico
France and Europe a Gaullist View