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Cryptic Peripheral Ribosomal Domains Distributed Intermittently along Mammalian Myelinated Axons
A growing body of metabolic and molecular evidence of an endogenous protein-synthesizing machinery in the mature axon is a challenge to the prevailing dogma that the latter is dependent exclusivelyExpand
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Ribosome profiling reveals translation control as a key mechanism generating differential gene expression in Trypanosoma cruzi
BackgroundDue to the absence of transcription initiation regulation of protein coding genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II, posttranscriptional regulation is responsible for the majority of geneExpand
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Genomic profiling of tumor initiating prostatospheres
BackgroundThe cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis proposes that a population of tumor cells bearing stem cell properties is responsible for the origin and maintenance of tumors. Normal and cancer stemExpand
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RNA Trafficking in Axons
A substantial number of studies over a period of four decades have indicated that axons contain mRNAs and ribosomes, and are metabolically active in synthesizing proteins locally. For the most part,Expand
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Neurofilament mRNAs are present and translated in the normal and severed sciatic nerve
Local protein synthesis within axons has been studied on a limited scale. In the present study, several techniques were used to investigate this synthesis in sciatic nerve, and to show that itExpand
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Myelinated axons contain β‐actin mRNA and ZBP‐1 in periaxoplasmic ribosomal plaques and depend on cyclic AMP and F‐actin integrity for in vitro translation
Periaxoplasmic ribosomal plaques (PARPs) are periodic structural formations containing ribosomes, which are likely cortical sites of translation along myelinated fibers. β‐actin mRNA, and itsExpand
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Trypanosoma cruzi: molecular characterization of TcPUF6, a Pumilio protein.
In trypanosomes regulation of gene expression occurs mainly at the post-transcriptional level. Pumilio proteins are RNA-binding proteins that modulate gene expression in lower and higher eukaryotes.Expand
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The Trypanosoma cruzi nucleic acid binding protein Tc38 presents changes in the intramitochondrial distribution during the cell cycle
BackgroundTc38 of Trypanosoma cruzi has been isolated as a single stranded DNA binding protein with high specificity for the poly [dT-dG] sequence. It is present only in Kinetoplastidae protozoa andExpand
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Myosin Va and kinesin II motor proteins are concentrated in ribosomal domains (periaxoplasmic ribosomal plaques) of myelinated axons.
Periaxoplasmic ribosomal plaques (PARPs) are discrete ribosome-containing domains distributed intermittently along the periphery of axoplasm in myelinated fibers. Thus, they are structural formationsExpand
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Transcriptome analysis of highly purified mouse spermatogenic cell populations: gene expression signatures switch from meiotic-to postmeiotic-related processes at pachytene stage
BackgroundSpermatogenesis is a complex differentiation process that involves the successive and simultaneous execution of three different gene expression programs: mitotic proliferation ofExpand
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