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The signal functions of early infant crying.
  • J. Soltis
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Behavioral and brain sciences
  • 1 August 2004
In this article I evaluate recent attempts to illuminate the human infant cry from an evolutionary perspective. Infants are born into an uncertain parenting environment, which can range fromExpand
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The interaction of male and female reproductive strategies and paternity in wild Japanese macaques, Macaca fuscata
Japanese macaques reside in large, mixed-sex social groups in which various reproductive strategies of both sexes operate simultaneously. This report represents the first study combining behaviouralExpand
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Can Group-Functional Behaviors Evolve by Cultural Group Selection?: An Empirical Test
Functionalists believe that social and cultural variation results from adaptation at the group level. Such explanations are controversial for two reasons: (i) Extensive analysis of mathematicalExpand
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African elephant vocal communication II: rumble variation reflects the individual identity and emotional state of callers
The most common vocalization of the African elephant, Loxodonta africana, is the rumble, but there is no consensus as to how many rumble subtypes exist. From the standpoint of social function, manyExpand
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GPS determination of walking rates in captive African elephants (Loxodonta africana).
The movements of elephants in captivity have been an issue of concern for animal welfare activists and zoological professionals alike in recent years. In order to fully understand how movement ratesExpand
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Walking Behavior of Zoo Elephants: Associations between GPS-Measured Daily Walking Distances and Environmental Factors, Social Factors, and Welfare Indicators
Research with humans and other animals suggests that walking benefits physical health. Perhaps because these links have been demonstrated in other species, it has been suggested that walking isExpand
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Vocal communication in African elephants (Loxodonta africana).
  • J. Soltis
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Zoo biology
  • 11 May 2009
Research on vocal communication in African elephants has increased in recent years, both in the wild and in captivity, providing an opportunity to present a comprehensive review of research relatedExpand
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Stress and Emotion Classification using Jitter and Shimmer Features
In this paper, we evaluate the use of appended jitter and shimmer speech features for the classification of human speaking styles and of animal vocalization arousal levels. Expand
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Infanticide by Males and its Implications
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Rumble vocalizations mediate interpartner distance in African elephants, Loxodonta africana
The ability to utilize contact calls to facilitate reunions with social partners has been documented in a number of species showing a fission/fusion social organization. Field observations andExpand
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