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Dose-Dependent Effects of FK506 on Neuroregeneration in a Rat Model
This study explored the effects of different doses of FK506 on peripheral nerve regeneration, to determine whether neuroregeneration could be enhanced without the toxicity of systemicExpand
Initial Clinical Impressions of the Critical Care of COVID-19 Patients in Seattle, New York City, and Chicago
Since the first recognition of a cluster of novel respiratory viral infections in China in late December 2019, intensivists in the United States have watched with growing concern as infections withExpand
Anesthetic‐specific electroencephalographic patterns during emergence from sevoflurane and isoflurane in infants and children
Background:  Devices that monitor the depth of anesthesia are increasingly used to titrate sedation and avoid awareness during anesthesia. Many of these monitors are based upon electroencephalographyExpand
Triage of high-risk surgical patients for intensive care
Patients who undergo high-risk non-cardiac surgical procedures represent a large proportion of admissions to intensive care units (ICUs) in the developed world [1]. Ideally, surgeons,Expand
The Surgical Apgar Score Is Strongly Associated with Intensive Care Unit Admission After High-Risk Intraabdominal Surgery
BACKGROUND: Understanding intensive care unit (ICU) triage decisions for high-risk surgical patients may ultimately facilitate resource allocation and improve outcomes. The surgical Apgar score (SAS)Expand
Critical Care in a Tertiary Hospital in Malawi
BackgroundThe provision of critical care services is essential to healthcare systems and increasingly a global health focus, but many hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa are unable to meet this need.Expand
Global patient outcomes after elective surgery: prospective cohort study in 27 low-, middle- and high-income countries
Background: As global initiatives increase patient access to surgical treatments, there remains a need to understand the adverse effects of surgery and define appropriate levels of perioperativeExpand
Effects of delaying FK506 administration on neuroregeneration in a rodent model.
FK506 is an immunosuppressant drug that has been shown experimentally to stimulate nerve growth and speed functional recovery, when administered immediately after peripheral nerve injury. However,Expand
Intraoperative reported adverse events in children
Background:  Significant intraprocedural adverse events (AE) are reported in children who receive anesthesia for procedures outside the Operating Rooms (NORA). No study, so far, has characterized AEExpand
Prospective observational cohort study on grading the severity of postoperative complications in global surgery research
The Clavien–Dindo classification is perhaps the most widely used approach for reporting postoperative complications in clinical trials. This system classifies complication severity by the treatmentExpand