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Influence of the point bar on flow through curved channels
In a channel with bed topography that does not vary in the downstream direction, a secondary circulation composed of outward flow at the surface and inward flow near the bottom extends across theExpand
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ER-to-Golgi carriers arise through direct en bloc protrusion and multistage maturation of specialized ER exit domains.
Protein transport between the ER and the Golgi in mammalian cells occurs via large pleiomorphic carriers, and most current models suggest that these are formed by the fusion of small ER-derived COPIIExpand
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Bed Load Transport in a River Meander
Bed load transport in Muddy Creek, Wyoming, a sand-bedded meandering river with equilibrium bottom topography, was found to consist of a zone of maximum sediment flux that shifted across the channelExpand
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Molecular association of Cu, Zn, Cd and 210Po in the digestive gland of the squid Nototodarus gouldi
The squid Nototodarus gouldi (McCoy, 1888) was caught by bottom trawl in Port Phillip Bay, Australia in February 1985. The squid accumulates in its digestive gland high levels of trace metals, withExpand
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Flow and Sediment Transport in a Sand Bedded Meander
The boundary shear stress pattern and the superelevation of the water surface in a meander on a small stream are predicted from two simple equations representing a frictionally dominated forceExpand
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Evaporation is an important component of the water balance of lakes in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, but the amount of summer evaporation in this area is not well known. Hourly summertime estimates ofExpand
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Freshwater community responses to mixtures of agricultural pesticides: Effects of atrazine and bifenthrin
The individual and combined effects of atrazine and bifenthrin on lake communities were investigated in a two-phased mesocosm study involving eighteen 5,500-L tanks containing natural planktonExpand
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Planktivores and plankton dynamics : effects of fish biomass and planktivore type
Funding for this project was provided by ORSTOM action 2CA301 to X.L., NSF grant BSR-8906653 to R.W.D. and J.D.S., NSF grant BSR-9107173 to R.A.S., and the OSU Aquatic Ecology Laboratory.
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Synergistic effects of nutrient loading and omnivorous fish on phytoplankton biomass
To examine how nutrient loading interacts with omnivorous fish to regulate the biomass of phytoplankton of lakes, we conducted a 1-month summer mesocosm experiment and a 1.5-year pond experiment. ForExpand
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Effects of Gizzard Shad and Threadfin Shad on Zooplankton and Young‐of‐Year White Crappie Production
Abstract We examined the effects of gizzard shad Dorosoma cepedianum and threadfin shad Dorosoma petenense on zooplankton abundance and on reproduction by white crappie Pomoxis annularis in aExpand
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