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Using Registration, Calibration, and Robotics to Build a More Accurate Virtual Reality Simulation for Astronaut Training and Telemedicine
The efforts to build a realistic and useable simulation for astronaut training and experiment planning focused on user interaction with hand sensors, a necessary component for realism. Expand
Examining the relationship between surface bioburden and frequently touched sites in Intensive Care
Strathprints is designed to allow users to access the research output of the University of Strathclyde. Unless otherwise explicitly stated on the manuscript, Copyright © and Moral Rights for theExpand
On the Chromatic Number of Subsets of the Euclidean Plane
Borders on the chromatic number of a subset of the real plane are determined for several classes of subsets of the plane such as extensions of the rational plane, sets in convex position, infinite strips, and parallel lines. Expand
Dynamic motion analysis of dart throwers motion visualized through computerized tomography and calculation of the axis of rotation
A dynamic three-dimensional mapping method is used to model the wrist in dynamic unrestricted dart throwers motion in three men and four women to gain key information for decision making in future hand surgical and rehabilitative practices. Expand
High Level Programming for FPGA Based Image and Video Processing Using Hardware Skeletons
This paper presents and illustrates the hardware skeleton approach in the context of some common image processing tasks, based on an implementation on VISICOM’s VigraVision™ FPGA based video board. Expand
High level programming for real time FPGA based video processing
This approach is to provide a flexible FPGA-based image processing coprocessor with a very high level programming interface based on the core operators of image algebra to bridge the gap between the application and implementation levels. Expand
Measurement of cardiovascular state using attractor reconstruction analysis
The feasibility of applying AR to the PPG signal is demonstrated, increasing the range of patients in whom cardiovascular state can be measured using AR analysis, and demonstrating high level of agreement between the detected periodicity of each signal. Expand
A mathematical language compiler
A compiler is defined as a program which satisfies the following four conditions: Universality, i.e., the ability to translate into machine language any program which could have been coded in machine language, and extension of its list of recognizable symbols to include those corresponding to any flow chart when instructed to do so. Expand
Selective Degree Elevation for Multi‐Sided Bézier Patches
This paper shows how to selectively insert control points of a higher degree patch into a lower degree patch while maintaining the polynomial reproduction order of the original patch, and shows an application to cage‐based deformations where the number of control points is increased by elevating the degree of a subset of cage faces. Expand
The analysis of multiple signal data
  • J. Smith
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1 July 1964
This paper discusses the automatic processing of data containing multiple signals. In particular, filters which modify their structures in order to recognize initially unknown waveforms in GaussianExpand